Friday, June 16, 2006


Fuçando as comunidades do Orkut, encontrei essa: Bipolar Pride.
Adorei a descrição, o avatar e o pessoal.
Eu sabia que a Princesa Leia era bipolar! arrá!

let's face it - manic depressives kick ass!

~if you cannont get rid of the family skeleton, you mind as well make it dance~ george bernard shaw

some of the most influential (i.e. famous movie stars) such as jim carrey, maurice bernard, carrie fisher, and linda hamilton; and many, many, writers:), attribute their talent to their disorder.

manic depression in a nutshell is a physical disorder which is currently incurable (to the relief of many bipolars)but can be treated with medication. bipolars (manic depressives) usually experience extremely high levels of juz plain feelin' good accompanied by extraordinary productivity in whatever their talen may be (music, writing, etc.)... the party will end however and the bipolar will crash down to extremely deep levels of depression. treating bipolars is difficult, because, we, um, like the party:)

this group is for bipolars, their friends, any one who is curious, haz random bits of wisdom, or juz likes to join random groups:) "

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