Thursday, May 22, 2014


I would taste you up and down,
From the top of you to your base,
Nibble your ticklish places,
Then kiss the smile upon your face.
I would pull you with sweet longing,
To where only you could see,
And place the deepest parts of me,
Warmly within your reach.
You would fold yourself in my safety,
Wrap yourself in my love,
You would feel my passion enclose on you,
And I would fit you like a glove.
I would fill your soul with nourishment,
That only a good woman provides,
You would release all your secrets into me,
And I would hold them safely inside.
You would kiss me and whisper so sweetly,
That from me you will never part,
And gently, eyes down, I would offer to you
The last piece of my heart.

© 2013
Ruby Honeytip

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