Thursday, July 02, 2009

Vertical Poem Of A Pessimist

When you are not here
The sky plots against me,
"You don't come for any work,
but to see me"
But I never get to see anything
Except a few patches of my own blood.

Earth is flat, not round,
I never reach the same place
However much straighter I walk,
And it has the horizontal base,
And we are the vertical people
walking on it.

Vertical men, vertical women
Trees and buildings, all vertical
And the earth is flat
Like a round-table-top,
Sky envelopes it like a hemispherical bowl
Holding it firmly on its circular edge;
It doesn't let anything fall off the edge,
So I walk fearlessly
On the flat earth
And write poems on it.

Vertical poems on horizontal pages
Vertical words, vertical phrases,
Similes and metaphors, all vertical
And the earth is flat
Like a round-table-top
And the sky is like a hemispherical bowl
And I don't mind its plotting against me
And I walk on the flat earth
Quite fearlessly.

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