Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Which member of The Who are you?

You are John Entwistle! Congrats! You're not very well known, but in reality, you are an excellent bassist and talented musician! You have nicknames such as "The Ox" and "Thunder Fingers." You are one of the world's greatest bassists! While the rest of the band was blowing money they didn't have, the only money you spent all week was on a lunch. You died of a cocaine-triggered heart attack, but we still love you!You like acid, alot. You might seemed very quiet and reserved on the outside, but underneath that leather-clad exterior, you are an amusing, intelligent person with a dark sense of humor. You get along well with everyone, even if you don't like them that much. And you're in it for the music, which is the best part. Keep up the good work!
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Lone Wolf said...

WTF was that? The Who??
Anyways, I just remembered a quiz I took long time ago. Probably one of the first ones.It was like "Which movie monster are you?" I´m not sure about what the possible results were, but mine was like... "You´re GodZilla. You´re big, strong, green and radioactive." And this was the most shocking part: "You don´t think you need a partner to live with, ´cause you can put your eggs by yourself". WTF was what?? I got a quiz trauma after that. =P

Lady said...

The Who is a rock band, silly!


Lone Wolf said...

Erm... I know that, Mrs. Silly. I just thought that The Who was a little bit boring. You should have put something like Iron Maiden or Kiss. Or even Beattles. =]

Lady said...

well, i dont think the who is boring at all!
theyre waaaaaaaaay better than beatles, as a matter of fact.. :P
and if i do some iron maiden test, i would probably be bruce, anyway..
and gene simmons sucks! the only thing good about him is his axe/bass guitar! :D


Mandy said...

Eu fiz o do Duran Duran, rs...